Happy New Year 2019

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2018 has been a fantastic year for the team at Square Elephant Productions, with some exciting prospects on the horizon for 2019.

This past year saw a diverse range of projects, stemming from projects for huge brands such as Nike and Shell, to showing off a man in a bright yellow mankini and accompanying pink tutu for Leetchi.com!

However, the year isn’t quite done yet, and neither are we!

For the final days of 2018, our team have been producing a feature film alongside an Indian crew, helping an established director who has five films under his belt, for Amazon Prime and Netflix! More news on that to come in 2019…

Having dove head first in to the world of feature filmmaking, our taste buds are whet and ready for more in the new year! Keep your eyes peeled for more news as it comes, but this could be the biggest year for our company yet!

So keep yourselves merry through the final moments of 2018, and look forward to the bright pastures of 2019; we know we are!

Now, please excuse us as we perform a harmonious rendition of Auld Lang Syne!


Team Square Elephant Productions

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