36 Gunn (2022): Feature Film

Feature Film, Line Production

Marathi / 2020 / Feature Film
Starring: Santosh Juvekar, Purva Pawar
Direction: Samit Kakkad
Producer: Mohan Nadaar

Line Producer: Parag Sankhe (Square Elephant Productions)
Film Location: London, Yorkshire, Glasgow and Edinburgh.
Release: India, Amazon prime.

The Film ’36 Gunn’ is produced by The Production Headquarters Limited and Line Produced By Square Elephant Productions. 

The Filme is a modern tale of an arranged marriage, contemporary marital relationships and freedom.

The film is directed by Marathi filmmaker Samit Kakkad who has impressed his audience with the blockbuster film, ‘Half Ticket’ and recently released Netflix movie Ascharyachakit!

The film Is produced by Mohan Nadaar and stars Santosh Juvekar as a male lead, and Purva Pawar in the female lead, and was shot in some of the iconic locations in the UK around Christmas which add the necessary flavour to the film’s modern subject, contemporary theme based on marital relationships.