Casting Call for Upcoming TV Advert Shoot for a Well-Known Brand.

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We are currently casting for a TV advert intended for the UK market with potential international use. The shoot is set to take place in London between June 27 and July 3, 2024. We are looking for London-based actors with a strong showreel. The advert does not have dialogue, so strong expressive skills are essential.

Roles Available:

  1. Mom (British Family Morning Routine)
    • Age: Mid-30s
    • Ethnicity: Caucasian
    • Description: A professional woman, smartly dressed for work, portrayed in a busy morning routine. Requires expressive facial gestures and the ability to convey a sense of urgency and warmth.
  2. Dad (British Family Morning Routine)
    • Age: Late 30s
    • Ethnicity: Caucasian
    • Description: Portrayed in a casual home setting, involved in the kitchen. Looking for someone who can handle physical comedy and has good timing with subtle humorous expressions.
  3. Daughter (British Family Morning Routine)
    • Age: 12 years
    • Ethnicity: Caucasian
    • Description: Dressed in a school uniform, vibrant and energetic. Should interact naturally with on-screen parents and portray a range of emotions through facial expressions.
  4. South East Asian Woman (Couple’s Bedroom Cleaning)
    • Age: Early 30s
    • Ethnicity: South East Asian
    • Description: Graceful, quick-thinking, involved in a home cleaning scene. Must handle props effectively and portray meticulousness and efficiency.
  5. South East Asian Man (Couple’s Bedroom Cleaning)
    • Age: Mid-30s
    • Ethnicity: South East Asian
    • Description: Supportive and meticulous, portrayed organizing home items during a cleaning session. Requires good physical coordination and a calm demeanour.

Requirements for All Applicants:

  • Must be based in London.
  • Strong acting reel showcasing the ability to convey emotion and character through non-verbal expressions.
  • Flexible availability between June 27 and July 3 for a one-day shoot.

Application Process: Please submit your application, including a headshot and a link to your showreel, to Specify which role you are applying for and ensure your contact information is current.

We look forward to your applications and to creating an impactful advertisement with your talents!

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