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Square Elephant Productions is a Branded Content Production Company in London. We are successfully generating high quality and unique content to make your brand standout among others.

Branded content is truly about storytelling

A good story can provoke consumers’ interests in your brand. Businesses can highlight personalised practices into productive stories to target more customers. An effective story shows how good a product or service is.

It should be inspiring and innovative. The customers should find story characters relatable to their surroundings.

By combining our years of experience in both film production and creative editorial thinking, we deliver innovative and strategic content you’ll love.

We work with brands, agencies and organisations

We’ve produced branded content for agencies and broadcasters and direct for brands, including Nike, SHELL, Hyundai, Carabao Energy Drink, BBH, Crunch and

We create stunning branded content that looks like it could be a commercial, without the price tag of the TV commercial production.

We have experience and expertise in a number of sectors and have long standing relationships with some great brands. Here's some of the many brands we've helped.

Brands We Work With

Internal News Videos

Using video to make announcements and promote company initiatives makes organisations feel more personable. They’re a great way to unite people and encourage a sense of pride, as well as an effective way to communicate big company changes like mergers and rebrands.

Large companies stand to gain the most from using video in their internal communications. It lets you break down communication barriers with international team members and deliver consistent messages all over the globe, irrespective of time zones and even language barriers. And it has an intimate quality that allows even giant corporations to feel like one close-knit team.

Inspirational Videos

Sometimes you just want to get people pumped up. That’s what inspirational videos do. Paint a compelling picture of the future, or show everything you’re achieved so far. These videos help to inspire your team to action through emotional, high-impact images, audio and script.

Internal Events and Award Videos

Using video at your events can make for a better audience experience. Event capture can give people a summary of what happened. Streaming events brings many of the same advantages as video conferencing, helping to bring together teams working from different locations.

Awards videos allow you to capture the event forever, inspiring future winners and proving your commitment to your cause. And if not everyone on the team can make it, a video roundup gives them the chance to catch up with the highlights.

Knowledge Sharing Videos

Through video, people can effectively share best practices and how-to tutorials. Sharing employee-generated content not only improves learning, but also boosts creativity, empowers and engages your team, and helps strengthen relationships.

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