Line Production Service In UK

International co-production

We provide complete support and services for all your production needs across UK.
We’re known for our resourceful contacts, problem-solving skills and scrupulous attention to budget.
Our services range from acting as your local liaison to providing full production services.

Why UK?

England, Wales, and Scotland’s stunning scenery, experienced crew, world class studios and attractive tax breaks make it one of the best places in the world to film.

Why London?

Approximately three-quarters of the UK’s film industry is based in and around London, meaning that it contributed roughly £1.2bn to the capital’s economy in 2016.

London is the third busiest city for film production in the world after only Los Angeles and New York. The capital’s world-class crews, locations, talent and competitive tax reliefs have sustained London’s position in the top three cities – and that also means demand for studio space is incredibly high.

Square Elephant Productions offers production people from all over the world a stress-free shoot in London and rest of the UK.

Square Elephant Productions is a one stop service for Film & TV Production no matter how big or small your production is we can accommodate it.

This is what we love to do.


Location Scouting

Our location file is one of the largest in the UK covering the Big cities like London, Glasgow and Edinborha to the incredible landscapes of Scotland.

Filming Permits

There are various regulations in place to ensure that the UK remains film-friendly.<br /> We can source permissions from Local authority/Council and Police.<br /> We also Advice about permission and Rights clearances.

Local Crew Hire

We provide the talented Local crew and reliable production support to ensure you have a fabulous and unforgettable shoot.

Camera and Equipment Hire

Our connections with equipment houses, hire companies in London and Scotland will guarantee the best deals.<br /> Lighting, cameras, lenses, props, vehicles, tracking vehicle and jib and everything you need for your shoot.

UK Film Tax Relief

The UK government has recently introduced an enhanced tax relief for independent films, allowing a production company with an eligible project to claim back 40% of qualifying expenditure. This significant increase from the previous 25% is designed to bolster the independent film sector within the UK. Similar to prior tax relief schemes, there is no cap on the amount of tax relief that can be claimed, promoting greater investment in film production.

40% Indie Movie Tax Relief

To access the 40% tax relief, your project must meet specific criteria that affirm its contribution to the cultural and economic landscape of the UK film industry:

  1. Qualifies as British: Your project must pass the relevant BFI Cultural Test or be an official co-production. This ensures that the content contributes to the cultural richness and diversity of the UK film industry.
  2. Minimum UK Core Expenditure: A minimum UK core expenditure of 10-25% is required, depending on the tax relief being claimed. This includes projects made as official co-productions. Including a specific expenditure range encourages productions to invest significantly in the UK, benefiting the local economy and film industry.
  3. Intended Release Format: Your project must be intended for theatrical release to access the indie film tax reliefs. This stipulation is designed to support films contributing to the cinema-going experience, ensuring the relief supports projects aimed at a broad audience.


This update to the UK’s tax relief system represents a substantial incentive for the production of independent films, encouraging both domestic and international producers to consider the UK a prime location for film production. By offering a generous 40% tax relief, the UK government aims to stimulate innovation, cultural expression, and economic growth within the film industry, making it an attractive option for filmmakers worldwide.

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