Google AIExhibition: The Art OF AI

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The World Artificial Intelligence Conference (WAIC), marking China’s premiere AI Summit in Shanghai, showcased leading global tech giants, including Google. At this event, Google took centre stage with an engaging AI exhibition held at the Long Museum in Shanghai, highlighting the company’s advancements in AI technology.

The exhibition, covering a 2,000-square-meter space, presented 14 interactive installations that illuminated AI’s role in various domains, such as art, education, music, and entertainment. Attendees experienced firsthand the fusion of technology and creativity through:

  • The Art Camera employs a one-billion-pixel camera to reveal the minutiae of artworks.
  • Art Palette, which dissected the colour DNA of images, aligning them with artworks sharing similar hues.
  • An Interactive Shadow Play that brought participants’ animal creations to life using simple hand gestures.
  • Tilt Brush is a tool offering a plunge into 3D painting, enabling personal artistic contributions.
  • Guess My Sketch, where Google’s AI recognises and responds to visitors’ drawings.
  • AI Duet is a program that harmonizes with piano pieces played by visitors.
  • Draw to Art, inviting attendees to contribute their art, fostering an interactive community atmosphere.

This video offers a glimpse into Google’s AI Exhibition at the WAIC, showcasing how artificial intelligence is revolutionizing not only technology but also art and creativity, engaging visitors in a new dimension of interactive experiences.