Abhinay Deo on making ‘Delhi Belly’

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Abhinay Deo is an Indian Ad Film maker turned Film Director. Abhinay’s parents are the veteran actors Ramesh and Seema Deo. Abhinay’s first movie was Game (2011), and his second was Delhi Belly.


Irreverent, crude and downright rude this fabulous new comedy caper from modern Mumbai cocks its hat at bad-boy cults like Snatch and The Hangover, with perhaps a little peppering of the Beatles.

Led by Tashi (played by the puppy dog-eyed, teen-heart throb Imran Khan), a dopey bundle of mates find themselves in a whole lot of trouble when they accidentally mix up a bag containing a stool sample (one of them ate the wrong Tandoori Chicken), with another bag which Tashi’s trolley-dolly girlfriend has been asked to carry a bag full of smuggled diamonds!

All sh*t breaks out when the smugglers, led by a particularly nasty villain Cow Boy (played by Vijay Raaz Monsoon Wedding), set off after them. It also gives Tashi a chance to consider whether he wants to settle down to a suburban marriage with his nice airhostess and Mummy and Daddy in-laws, or take a bite of the wild side. Expect rickshaw chases, upset stomachs and of course, a riot of mix-ups and chases, with unsuspecting English tourists ducking for cover.

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