Casting Call: Travel Insurance 30+10 sec Commercials

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Production Type


£ £250

Production Dates
23rd July

Closing Date

Casting an elderly Caucasian male & lady, their daughter (early 30’s) and 1 year old baby  for a set of 30 and 10 second television commercials.

This slightly comical commercial feature an elderly couple booking travel insurance. However, they are persuaded by their 1 year old grandson, who can surprisingly talk (VFX), directs them to go with a safer provider. The mother has no idea that her 1 year old grandson can talk.

The 10 second follow up commercial continues the story with the Grandfather relaxing on holiday, only to be disturbed by his grandson over a video call.

The commercial will be filmed on Saturday 23rd July in south west London.

Please send us your video showreel. Looking forward to hear from you.

£250 for Grandad/Granny Role. £200 for Mum Role and £200 Baby Role


Characters :


Elderly Caucasian man 60-65 years of age


Elderly Caucasian woman 60-65 year of age


Middle aged woman 30-35 years of age

Baby / Twins

Baby needs to be approximately one year old and able to sit in a highchair.
We are looking for a cheerful baby. twins will be preferred.

If this is of interest and you and your baby are available on Saturday 23rd July then please apply to Dave at with following details.

1) Subject Line: Travel insurance commercial Casting
2) Please include your name, address, email and phone number.
3) Please include details of your baby – their exact age, height and weight.
4) Please send a photo in jpeg format. If you submit twins, please send photos of both.


You can also apply via CCP

for Granddad, Granny and Mum

for Baby


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